I write pre-seed checks to early stage tech founders.  I am an opportunistic investor with a diverse portfolio, particularly focused on consumer products brands targeting the prime (45+ year old) consumer.

Sole Partner Kirstan  Barnett has made 50+ early investments, with three early exits (two IPOs, one Sale). In addition to funding, I listen, coach, support, brainstorm, make introductions and share data and war stories (depending on what the Founder requests).

“Kirstan is the perfect corner woman – there to wipe your brow and boldly encourage you back into the fight.  Her generosity is earnest and her advisory expertise is singular.”

Jessica Banks, Founder, RockPaperRobot

Kirstan is the most decisive investor I have ever met.  Her word is her bond.  She is a smart risk-taker who contributes when it matters.  I’m delighted that Kirstan has invested in QLess in every one of our rounds.  The world needs more people like her!

Alex Backer, Founder, QLess

“Kirstan is a rock.”

Ajanta Adhikari, Founder, Ionate, Inc.

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